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* understanding nritta and abhinaya elements.
* developing musical knowledge
* developing confidence via stage performances 
* challenging children to learn to emote expression
* learn elaborate movements
* learn  to portray emotions and showcase this to the audience.

Manjula Viswanath started Rasika Dance Academy in Bangalore, India teaching a small number of students. The passion and dedication towards dance paid rich dividends. Moving to Australia the same love towards this art created Rasika Dance Academy in Sydney, Australia. Today, this institution  trains numerous students in the classical art form of Bharatanatyam with agreat emphasis on basic technique and commitment.

The Academy is well known for spotting young talents and nurturing them into talented performing artistes. Quality, perfection and motivation are the mantras of Rasika Dance Academy. “Dancing is Bliss” – this motto is inculcated during the training. Each student gets individual attention in the class, nurturing a close relationship with the teacher. Manjula takes absolute care to ensure that the training period in this institute is an experience of learning dance with joy. The students are taught the nuances of the art before they are graduated

Basic Dance fundamentals is a critical part in Rasika's training. You can have all the ability in the world, but you still have to know the fundamentals.At Rasika we encourage young children to learn Bharathanatyam. Dance is a powerful ally for developing many of the attributes of a growing child. It helps in physical development, emotional maturity, social awareness and cognitive development.

 Rasika delves into learning dance basics, help in absorbing nuances of dance, understand proper attire/costumes that befit the occasion and most importantly respect this ancient art. This total package is what makes Rasika Dance Academy so different when it comes to Bharathanatyam. We at Rasika encourage all our students to watch various Bharathanatyam events across Sydney apart from our own productions. 

Classes offered to students from the age of 5 & above in the traditional Vazhvoor style of Bharatanatyam  

   Rasika Dance Academy covers :                  

* proper training in Aramandi
*  development of body flexibility                             
 * rich sringar elements
 * nuances of dancing pace      
 * softer facial abhinaya
 * rigorous footwork and apt abhinaya improvisations

Classes are conducted mostly on weekends in Crestwood and Bellavista and we do bring in some weekdays.