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 Manjula Viswanath is a revered Bharata Natyam dancer, teacher and choreographer, well known globally renowned for her ability to use tradition and innovate that into a refreshing contemporary ballet. Her dance, while deeply entrenched within the boundaries, is continuously evolving able to attract audiences from dance connoisseurs to an amateur. 

 Having trained under legendary guru, Smt Padmini Ravi (Bangalore) Manjula’s exceptional ability in dance draws connections between the physical and emotional aspects. The style of dance Manjula brings across has been described as someone who has the unique talent to give audiences freshness, and this is where her genius comes to the foreground. Passion and responsibility go hand in hand with Manjula and here is where recognition comes to the fore.

Her Relentless pursuit using dance as a platform supporting charitable causes are legendary in Australia. Her contribution to dance, started with the recognition in Karnataka State as “Natya Kishori” (Queen of Dance) and selected as an international artiste by the Indian Council of Cultural Relations (ICCR). 

 Smt Manjula Viswanath Manjula combines the elegance, grace and suppleness of the Vazhoor School with the distinctive ability to express all shades of emotions with sensitivity and intuition. Through Manjula’s evocative rendition, Bharathanatyam has crossed international boundaries and touched the chords of dignitaries and art enthusiast. She has over 600 solo performances to her credit. 


As a performer for over 30 years and as a choreographer, she has produced, and choreographed numerous productions exploring Indian ballet through dance and showcase various aspects of Hindu Mythology and contemporary themes. An uncanny ability and connection to music has helped shape her dance style and honed her approach to dance. It is this relationship with music that has a deep-rooted awareness and a seamless connection – between dance and music that inspires Manjula. 


Dance and Charitable work

Manjula’s passion is giving back. She has worked with many charitable organizations and is dedicated to giving back. In 2007 the relationship with dance and charity that started with the Leukaemia Foundation is still going strong today supporting numerous organizations. 

Manjula is the founder of Rasika Dance Academy, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and protection of Indian classical arts and help Charity Organisations using Dance a s a platform. Every year, Manjula organizes Dance Productions which presents some of the leading younger dancers from her academy in the Indian classical dance scene. One of Manjula's passions is supporting charity organizations helping the helpless. Through annual dance event Manjula raises funds to support various deserving organizations. 

Recognition in the USA 

This passion and commitment to dance go beyond boundaries and was heard across the oceans in the United States of America recognizing her as a “Person of Extraordinary Ability” and granting her the US Permanent Residency (Green Card) immediately. 

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